Google business listing

The Google business listing is the method for the business owners to link your business with google business. This helps you link all your business activities and contacts with Google and you can access it anywhere you like. This also helps you get noticed by the Google which results in boosting your position on the Google search engine as well

Google Business Listing by Web Design Dubai:

Web Design Dubai offers complete services for your Google business listing, as not every business is an expert in doing so. We offer complete linking of your business with Google and its other features. There are many benefits of linking your business with Google as well; some of them are listed below:

1. You can access your business activities anywhere with your single Google account.

2. Google provide you the entire backup for important contacts and clients who help you make a proper history for that purpose of documenting.

3. The Google Gmail helps you manage your business emails and details.

4. The Google business linking helps you using other business features for the business as well.

5. It improves your ranking on the Google search engine which is the top search engine in the world.

6. The Google business linking also helps you reach more customers through different techniques such as Google AdWords, pay per click etc.

7. The Google business listing helps you get the correct statics for your business analysis and development.

The features of Google business listing:

1. Google Maps:

Once the business is listed on Google, it is easier for the customers to find the location of the business on the Google Map. This helps to find the address and location using Google Maps and GPRS.

2. Google search engine:

The Google search engine tends to search those companies more who are listed with them that are why important to improve your search engine optimization through google business listing.

Steps of google business listing by the business owners:

There are some simple steps by which business owners can list their business with Google.

1. Log into Google My Business with address

2. Verify the email of the Google My Business

3. Edit the profile of the business by “manage this page”

4. Edit and add the Maps and Search photo area of the Edit screen.

5. Add summary of the business and keywords that help you find the business.

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