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Email marketing is done by sending emails to the group of people which contain commercial messages; it is direct marketing method which helps the marketer to do the marketing of their products and services using emails. The email sends to any customer current or potential considered as email marketing.

Email marketing by Web Design Dubai :

Web Design Dubai provides best email marketing Dubai strategies and expertise. Our team is focused on the marketing perspective and fulfills the requirements of the customer by applying best email marketing strategies for them.

Purpose of email marketing by Web Designs Dubai:

1. Advertising:

For advertising of anything, emails are sending to the customer so that they can know about product or services a company offers. The core purpose here is to promote the business.

2. Business:

The business deals, confirmations, business activities are done through emails so that the other business bodies know well about us.

3. Solicit sales:

The purpose of sales is done through emails, the company sends emails to the previous and potential customers and if they want to purchase that item they proceed with buying.

4. Donation:

Asking for donations is easier with emails.

5. Brand awareness:

The company provides awareness about the product or brand through email.

6. Offering new products and services:

The new offers, sales and introducing new products or services are communicated through emails.

7. Convincing new customers:

For the purpose of approaching new customers and convincing them to buy.

8. Encourage customer loyalty:

Sending reminder emails to keep the loyal customers.

9. Acquiring new customers:

Random emails for the search of potential customers.

10. Convincing previous customer:

Keeps up with the previous customer sending them reminder emails.

11. Sales purpose:

Asking customers to make sales and buy product or service.

12. Boosting website traffic:

Advertising websites through email.

Web Design Dubai uses the customer’s database or selling lists to generate email list for marketing. Other sources are also used for this purpose.

Types of email marketing Dubai offers by Web Design Dubai:

1. Transactional emails:

These emails are sending to the customer to fulfill a communication task with them such as asking and replying to their question, or ask to do something which required their information, approval or command. These emails are considered as relationship message, the communication between the sender and receiver also fulfill the marketing purpose.

The emails marketing is sending for the following task:

 Dropped basket messages

 Setting password

 Resetting password

 Purchase

 Order confirmation

 Order status email

 Email receipts

2. Direct emails:

Direct email marketing Dubai is done for the specific purpose of communicating the promotion message and doing the core marketing through emails. The company sends direct emails by using customer’s details from the service companies.

The direct emails are sending for the following purpose:

 Announcing special offer

 Catalog offers

 Offering products

3. Mobile email marketing:

Email marketing Dubai is for mobile is done for targeting the customers using smartphone and email addresses to serve a particular and unique purpose. Many customers use multiple email address. The companies nowadays are targeting these email addresses for marketing their products, services, company, and website.

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