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Syed Fazal Imam

He is the specialist in search engine optimization (SEO), He has many years of experience in digital marketing field. He helps a lot of small business owners to grow their business. He is certified from GOOGLE for digital sales.

He is the founder and owner of Dubai Repairs & Web Designs Dubai.

He has a complete team of developers, programmers, graphic designers, web designer, animators, videographers, editors, bloggers, bookkeepers and virtual assistants and many more.

He decided to spread digital knowledge for free from September 2017. he spends one hour daily to educate his students. Anyone can easily take a participate in his free educational program called "Spread Digital Knowledge"

Meet the Team

Here you'll find the best supporting team of my company

Fazal Imam

Syed Fazal Imam

Founder & CEO


Muhammad Daniyal Qamar

Vice President

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Syed Ameer Imam


Free Consultation

If you want any kind of consultation or a service please call from 9:00 AM to 5 PM.